With the support of various public and private organizations, the Center conducts activities and events throughout the year. They are:

Summer Cybersecurity Workshop for High School Teachers

As part of a pilot project to create a certification for Cybersecurity Instructors, Kennesaw State University (KSU) will be sponsoring 25 Metro-Atlanta high school teachers with experience in teaching computer-based classes, as part of our Entry Level Certified Cybersecurity Instructors (CCI-E). KSU will covering the costs associated with the instruction and providing meals during the two-day on-site instruction.

The program will consist of an online course (Massive Open Online Course - MOOC) on “Cybersecurity and its 10 Domains”, and continue with an on-site two day workshop where participants will receive additional cybersecurity and security awareness instruction, including how to create, organize and conduct cybersecurity curriculum. Once selected for the program, participants will be expected to complete the first two modules of the MOOC prior to the on-site workshop and the entire MOOC by the end of the summer in order to receive completion certificates, and reimbursement for MOOC registration. Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared to discuss and teach introductory cybersecurity and security awareness topics, including hands-on computer laboratory exercises. By the end of the year, participants must submit a self-assessment reflection paper indicating how the instruction has improved their ability to teach cybersecurity topics and planned curriculum in cybersecurity at their institution. Click HERE for more information.

Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice
(Web Site/Journal Site)

The mission of JCERP is to be the premier outlet for high-quality information security and cybersecurity related articles of interest to teaching faculty and students.

In order to meet this mission, JCERP solicits high-quality research and practice-oriented articles focused on the development and delivery of InfoSec curriculum, innovation in applied scholarship, and industry best practices in information security in the enterprise for double-blind review and publication.  Published papers will be associated with one of three tracks (education, research or practice).

Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice
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First held in 2004 under the original title InfoSecCD, the CCERP conference is one of the first major forums for the presentation of pedagogical experience, research findings and industry best practices to support the development and conduct of Information Security curriculum in higher education in the Southeast.
The mission of the conference is to share novel instructional methods and techniques, pedagogical research findings, curriculum models and methods, to identify new directions for future research and development work, and share industry best practices in support of Information Security education. The conference will provide both a venue to discuss these topics and professional development opportunities, through presentations from industry professionals.

The Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC)

The mission of the Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC), a regional competition in the National CCDC, is to empower those institutions having an information security curriculum with a controlled, competitive environment which will assess their student's depth of understanding and operational competency in managing the challenges inherent in protecting a businesses’ networks, systems and information.