BUSA Student Resources

These resources are available to students of Coles College for use in business courses BUSA 2150, BUSA 3150, and BUSA 4150.

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BUSA 2150

BUSA 3150

  • For information regarding the BUSA 3150 Mandatory CIA Session, please refer to your course syllabus.
  • BUSA 3150 Career Coaching Intake Form (School of Accountancy students only)
  • BUSA 3150 Core Activity 2 Required Reference Articles
  • BUSA 3150 Major Specific DEI/ESG Business Leader Video Series (videos may only be accessed through the respective Flight Academy activity).
    • Accounting: DEI at Bank of America
    • Economics: ESG at Synovus
    • Entrepreneurship: ESG at Altium Packaging
    • Finance: DEI at Synovus
    • Hospitality Management: DEI/ESG at Highgate
    • Information Systems: DEI/ESG at Visa
    • Information Security & Assurance: DEI/ESG at Visa
    • Marketing: DEI at Modo Modo
    • Management: DEI at Delta
    • Professional Sales: ESG at TK Elevator

BUSA 4150