Hughes Leadership & Career Program

This program is designed to support academic and professional development to prepare students for future success. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Hughes Leadership & Career Program (BUSA courses) was re-imagined to increase its relevance and applicability to the college to career journey by using the Flight Academy engagement platform. This mobile and web app tracks progress toward course completion in each of the three required zero credit hour courses.

BUSA courses are built around engagement and participation in curated activities instead of graded assignments. Students have the opportunity to personalize their experience by selecting option activities that are meaningful and make sense with their career goals. Each course requires a personal assessment and career conversation (informational interview). BUSA 3150 and 4150 requires a coaching meeting with one of our experienced Career Coaches.

    1. The Flight Academy app will be the tracking mechanism for required activities and display progress toward the BUSA badges.
    2. There will be no graded assignments; everything is activity and review-based
    3. Earning a BUSA badge on the Flight Academy warrants a pass or satisfactory grade for the course.
    1. The Hughes Leadership & Career (BUSA) courses are required in the Coles College undergraduate curriculum.
    2. The D2L site maintains resources for the course
    3. A passing grade in BUSA 2150 is required to apply to Coles College
    4. Completion of the BUSA course series is necessary to finalize an undergraduate degree from Coles College.

Tom and Barbara Hughes have made this innovative program possible through their generous donation.

Visit the CSS home page for location, contact information, and current hours of operation.

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