Choosing a Major

Each degree path has tools and skills to offer that can help you to succeed in whatever career you choose. When you have the right information, selecting a major doesn't have to be a challenging process. Take a look at the majors available from the Coles College of Business to learn more!

How can I choose a business related major at KSU?

You can declare a business "interest" right away. Typically, you will officially declare your major in your Sophomore year through Owl Express.

View the Coles College Major Catalog to get an overview of each major available to you!

Select a Major in:

      • Opportunities to travel, see the world, learn about other cultures, and connect with people
      • Hospitality and tourism is the 5th largest employer in Georgia
      • Experiential learning through internships or hospitality experience

      The hospitality industry is incredibly diverse spanning industries like hotels and restaurants, meeting, convention and event planning, tourism, sports and entertainment food service, and more. Students can specialize their knowledge through work experience and/or choosing a minor to add value to their degree.

      We provide a quality education at the intersection of service management and analytics, through offering courses in guest service management, revenue management, and strategic analytics in hospitality. In this age of Big Data, the prospective program will equip students with the skills to analyze and interpret how external and internal factors influence decision making in hospitality enterprises, and thereby impact financial performance.

    • General Education Requirements for All Business Students

      For Fall 2020 and Later (PDF)

      For Fall 2016 to Summer 2020

      Prior to Fall 2016 (PDF)

      Major Hospitality Courses

      Fall 2020 and Later (PDF)

      Check out our Two-Year Tentative Course Schedule in Management, Entrepreneurship & Hospitality!

    • Students in the Coles College of Business have a unique resource. Through the Coles College Center for Student Success, students have access to a “success team” designed to specialize in their major and help with advising, career coaching, and internships & co-ops. This team will help you navigate from freshman year to graduation, and from graduation into your career. The members of the Hospitality Majors success team are:


      Career Coaches

      Career & Internship Advisor

      Center for Student Success (CSS) Location
      CSS Suite 1300, First Floor of Kennesaw Hall
      (e)  (p) 470-578-6055

    Hospitality Management Major (PDF)

    Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality (PDF)

    Learn more at the Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality!

Want to add a business related minor or certificate? 

Check out the available minors and certificates from Coles College of Business!