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You want to be ready to meet the demands of the business world. We want to help you rise to the occasion. The unique resources of the Center for Student Success (CSS) will support you as you cultivate the skills and experiences that employers need now. When we say that KSU is a world- class institution, we mean it!

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is your one-stop-shop for academic advising, career coaching, education abroad, The Flight Academy, internships & co-ops, and tutoring. Academic Advising is located on the first floor of Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1314. Career and Internship Advising is located in Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1002.

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Connect for Success Newsletter January / February 2023
Connect for Success Newsletter January / February 2023
The Connect for Success Newsletter

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Coles College Community Connections

Events and Networking at Coles

Coles College offers and hosts networking opportunities and events for students to make important connections with business leaders long before graduation.  

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Engage Your Education (Organizations, Competitions, and More)

We believe in a 360° education to prepare students to become resourceful problem solvers ready to contribute right out of the gate. Teamwork and leadership are developed as core values and connect the classroom to the real world through student organizations, national competitions, a variety of unique resources.

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