SoA Student Spotlight

Miranda Nunn
Miranda Nunn
Miranda Nunn

BBA Accounting, May 2019
Vice President, Beta Alpha Psi

Hardworking student Miranda Nunn is graduating with her BBA in Accounting in May and says involvement in Beta Alpha Psi, her internship experience, and the School of Accountancy have helped shape her career path in Accounting. Nunn currently serves as the Vice President for Beta Alpha Psi and will start her second internship with Moore Colson this summer. She will be joining the Masters of Accounting 2020 cohort with a concentration in audit this Fall, and plans to join a public accounting firm after graduating with her masters.

What inspired you to go into accounting?
“I was originally a Biology Major with the plan to become an orthodontist but taking ECON 2100 with Professor Randy Goodwin changed things for me. I enjoyed economics so much that I considered changing my major and join Coles College of Business. After speaking with Professor Goodwin, I realized there weren’t many career options for economist and suggested that I look into accounting. The following semester I completed the Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2100) with Dr. Sunay Mutlu. What I thought was most appealing about the accounting profession was the vast array of career paths and opportunities for accountants. Dr. Mutlu has also made a huge impact on me during my time as a student. He was my first accounting professor and really helped me find my purpose in college. Because of the dedication he has towards his students and the knowledge he possesses and tries to pass along, I was able to enjoy accounting and was genuinely excited for the first time about my future.”

What area of accounting do you plan to go into and why?
“I have chosen to pursue External Audit and will begin the audit track in the MAcc Program this fall. I completed a Business Assurance (External Audit) internship with Moore Colson in the Spring of 2018. My internship experience helped me in the decision making process of choosing my career path in accounting. With external Audit you go to the client and really get to see the ins and outs of a company. I really enjoy seeing each company from the beginning to the end; the beginning being the start of their product or service and the end being the financial statements. You get to see behind the numbers. I also really enjoy meeting and talking with all of the different individuals within a company, such as the AP clerks, controllers, and CFOs. The changing environment that you experience with each new client is very exciting.”

What advice would you give other students trying to find an internship and going through the accounting recruitment process?
"Never give up and become involved. You have to remember recruiters attend many schools, often in short periods of time. They see a lot of faces, hear many names, and the best way to stand out is to stay in contact. Ways to stay in contact is to send ‘Thank You’ emails after an event and say “hi” every chance you get. Creating personable conversations is memorable and shows that you are interested in building a relationship. Also, becoming involved at school activities and groups is another great way to be recognized by employers and recruiters. KSU offers many great organizations for its student to be a part of. Showing that you have commitment to activities outside of school says that you are responsible and can manage time."

What are your plans after you graduate?
“I begin the Masters of Accounting Program in Fall 2019. After completing the accelerated 10-month program, right now my plans are to join a regional size public accounting firm in Atlanta.”