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  • Kennesaw State University Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Flyer

    Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) Membership Requirements!

    Beta Alpha Psi at KSU is a Superior Chapter for 3 years running! Here are the membership requirement for students who are interested in Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)! For more information, visit
    • KSU Project Bennch and Jobs

      Project Bench & Jobs!

      Looking for short-term, part-time experience in accounting? We have you covered! Our  partners are always sending us jobs and we want to get you connected. Register on Handshake.


      Career Conversations!

      Need career tips on how to be successful in the accounting recruitment process or landing that next internship or full-time job offer? Check out Career Conversations! She has you covered!

      Seniors, tell us where you are going?

      Seniors, we are so proud of you academic achievements and excited to see where you land next! Tell us where you are going by completing our First Destination Survey!