To become a CIA, you must:

  1. Apply to become a candidate (submit an application, character reference, and academic transcripts),
  2. Pass a three-part exam (the CIA exam’s three parts include Part 1 – Essentials of Internal Auditing, Part 2 – Practice of Internal Auditing, and Part 3 – Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing),
  3. Have a combination of education and work experience to become certified. The Institute of Internal Auditors has established a scale allowing more education to supplement part of the experience requirement.

Once certified, CIAs are required to participate in Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in order to maintain their credentials. For more information see CIA-Certification and CIA-Eligibility-Requirements for more specific information regarding education and experience requirements.

Students are encouraged to talk to the Director of the Internal Audit Center for assistance in pursuing their CIA. A candidate who passes Part 1 may be eligible for the “CIA Practitioner” designation while they complete the remaining two parts of the exam.