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Making scholarly contributions to the business industry and academia is key to the Coles College of business mission. Our faculty dedicate their time and passion to quality research, and is published in top-tier journals across the country and around the world.

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While research always has value to the academic community, it is important that the benefits reach businesses so that theory can be put into action. By focusing on translating valuable research findings into practitioner terms, we aim to support economic growth and business innovation.

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Breakthrough research by a faculty member does more than boost an institution's reputation; it can bring immediate value to the students as well. At Coles, we do just that - Coles students learn the latest theories and practices from our experienced professors and researchers, giving them the opportunity to apply that knowledge now, and after graduation.

Centers of Excellence

Coles College Centers of Excellence serve as research powerhouses for a wide variety of industries. Data from our Econometric Center informs economic forecasts for Georgia and the Southeast, while advances made by our BrainLab open new doors for brain-computer interfaces. Explore our Centers and learn more about their latest research.


  • Dr. Elizabeth Boyd

    Dr. Elizabeth Boyd Managing Invisible Boundaries

    How “Smart” is Smart phone Use as a Boundary Management Tactic, Elizabeth Boyd, associate professor of management.

    Smart phones and other types of communication technology have changed the way people manage the work-home boundary. Past research has shown that smart phones blur the boundaries between these roles by allowing interruptions from one role to infringe upon time spent in the other role. In this two-wave study, we tested a theoretical model of the way in which smart phones serve to permeate the boundaries between the work and family domains, and how these permeation enact consequences for the work and family roles.