If you are having trouble registering for a business course, choose from the topics below for information that may help you solve your problem:

Override Requests

We are working to improve our registration process. You may not need a prerequisite override! Go to to learn more.

There are 3 different Coles override request sites, each of which handles different types of requests:

REPEATS - For business and non-business majors - To request permission to register for a business course more than two times. OPEN: March 27 (Summer) I April 10 (Fall)

SPECIALS - For business and non-business majors - To request an override based on a course substitution or special Department Chair approval. Also for all other non-business major requests. Open Now for Summer 2017 I OPENS: March 13 (Fall)

PREREQS - For business majors only – If you have a 3.0 GPA or higher in your Sophomore GPA Requirement and course-related prerequisites, the system will be open: May 12-June 1 (Summer) I July 31 – August 16 (Fall).

Please be sure to submit your request at the correct site.

Make sure the KSU Registration System is open and you are eligible to register

  • Check the Academic Calendar of the Registrar’s website for the days/times the system is open.
  • Only currently enrolled students may register during the Early Registration periods.
  • The Time Ticket section on the Registrar’s website explains how to find out your assigned registration time.

Make sure you meet the current prerequisites for the course

  • It is KSU policy that all students must meet the current prerequisites for courses, regardless of when they started at KSU.
  • You can find the current prerequisites for a course in the Courses section of the online KSU Undergraduate Catalog.
  • You can also find the current prerequisites for a course in the KSU Registration system. Use the Class Search function, and when you have a listing for a course, click on the course title to get the detailed course information, which includes the current prerequisites.

Information for Non-Business Majors

The Coles College Partner (CCP) Program allows non-business students in select major, minor, and certificate programs to enroll in upper-division (3000 and 4000 level) required and elective Coles College courses, for which they have satisfied the prerequisites.

Click here to see the courses for which you can register without a prerequisite override, organized by majors/minors in the Coles College Partner Program.

If your situation is listed below, click here to submit a Special Override Request:

* Students do not formally declare intentions of completing certificate programs and, therefore cannot be tagged in the system to enable automated registration for upper level business courses.

** Due to accreditation standards, there is a limit on the number of business courses non-business students can take. Preference will be given to students, business and non-business, who need a course for their degree requirements. Please note, you must also satisfy the course prerequisites.

Closed Class Override Requests

  • Closed Class Override requests are handled by the Department offering the course, NOT by the Coles Undergraduate Advising Center.
  • The Coles College Department Chairs require students to continue to attempt to get into the courses they want throughout the registration periods prior to Drop/Add. There is turnover in these courses as students change schedules and most undergraduate business courses have a few seats added just prior to the Final Registration and Drop/Add periods. So, you have a chance to get a seat on the first day of Final Registration and Drop/Add.
  • If you have not been able to add the course you want after the first day of Drop/Add, then you may request a Closed Class Override from the appropriate Department Chair, using the following links:
  • Be sure to attend the first day of class and make contact with the instructor. If you are given an override into a closed class, you do not want to have missed any of the class.
  • As a reminder, Closed Class Override requests generally are NOT considered prior to the Drop/Add Registration period.

Limit on Re-enrollment in a Course

Students cannot re-enroll in a course that they have already taken or attempted twice without special permission. The Coles Department Chairs will not be handling these requests. Special permission to re-enroll in business courses must be requested from the Coles College using this separate online request site.

  • Do You Have any Course Substitutions?

    The KSU registration system cannot “read” the course substitutions in your file. It will not let you register for a course if you have a substitution for the prerequisite. A common example is a substitution of MATH 1107 for ECON 2300. If you have a course substitution for the prerequisite of a course you want to take, you must submit a Prerequisite Override request using the Coles online request system.