New Students

Congratulations, you are taking the next step toward a successful business career by joining Coles College of Business. We’re here to guide you through the rest of your undergraduate experience, and give you the knowledge and experience you need to achieve and lead after graduation. Our resources, programs and faculty are all designed you help you discover your unique strengths and create a plan for success.

The Path to Your BBA

During orientation, you will have a session with professional business advisors, who will help you plan your courses and understand the path to a BBA. Attending orientation also gives you early registration for classes, which is an advantage in building your preferred schedule and getting into popular courses.

If you’re new to college, your first two years at KSU will be spent building the foundation for your BBA and pursuing the general courses that give you a well-rounded education. In the meantime, and until you can consult a professional advisorthese are the essentials to get you on the right track for your business major.

Advice for:

First-Year Students

Transfer Students

The Hughes Leadership and Career Program

The Hughes Leadership and Career Program is only offered in Coles, and prepares you to compete in today’s challenging job market and succeed in your career of choice. Designed by a team of faculty using feedback directly from potential employers, this series of courses equips you for success before and after graduation. This program is included in the Coles College undergraduate curriculum for all business students enrolling in KSU during or after Fall 2014.

Multiplying Success

To be successful after college, you need to develop a suite of professional and soft skills that you strengthen through additional activities, outside your coursework. Join a club, study in another country, take on a complex project, or complete an internship. Success in the classroom becomes even more meaningful with these additional experiences. As you plan your KSU career, make the most of these opportunities:

  • Advice for Transfer Students

    Be sure your transfer credits have been evaluated by KSU’s Registrar and posted in your online record. If your transfer credit has not yet been evaluated, select courses that are new to you, not duplicating something you have already taken. For example, if you have taken a biology course, don’t sign up for SCI 1101 because you might get transfer credit for it. But if you haven’t taken any science courses in college, then SCI 1101 would be safe.