Hughes Leadership and Career Program

Closed Course Override Request for:
BUSA 2150: Discovering My Major and Career 

Students who are a semester away from being eligible to apply to Coles College can apply for a closed-course override for BUSA 2150.

To be eligible for admission to Coles College, you must complete MATH 1160 or MATH 1190, ACCT 2100, ACCT 2200, BLAW 2200, ECON 2100, ECON 2200, ECON 2300, and IS 2200 with grades of C or higher and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in these eight courses and BUSA 2150 with a grade of S.

Request will ONLY be granted for students who have completed all the requirements and are applying to the Coles College Undergraduate Professional Program at the end of the semester this course will be taken.

Sophomore GPA Requirement for Coles College: Students must complete the following 8 courses with a GPA of 3.00 or above, including a grade of C or better in each course. Indicate your status with each course and your grades for completed courses in the spaces provided below.

Requests are processed in order of receipt and priority is given to students that have an approved petition to graduate.

Please note that all fields must be filled out.