Coles Scholars Program Courses

Applied Leadership in Business
Through case-based scenarios, simulations, role plays, and assessments completed through hands-on leadership labs, students will learn to leverage their individual strengths and the strengths of others. Students will interact with business leaders to develop insights and apply them to their personalized leadership plan.

Decisions and Critical Thinking

Using many small and large problem solving opportunities, students will gain fundamental critical thinking skills and apply decision making methodologies and tools. There will be an emphasis on a wide variety of problems, including those that deal with uncertainty and equivocality, as well as factors that are measurable or hard to quantify.

International Immersion
Students will participate in a multi-week global experience designed to immerse them in an international business environment. Working together as a team, students will address community problems in another country utilizing leadership, solving problems and making decisions by applying techniques learned in the Scholars Program.

Consulting and Change Management

This course will introduce students to both the processes, such as contracting, data gathering, and delivery, as well as the human interactions that underlie consulting engagements and change management e­fforts. The course will draw on a variety of resources, including guest speakers in the classroom, as well as applied experiences where teams of students will engage and work with clients on current challenges.

Business Intelligence

This course will walk students through the process of defining problems in business, developing hypotheses, determining appropriate data for testing, collecting the data, and analyzing it. There will also be a focus on dealing with large data sources, planning business strategies for collecting data over time, and e­ffectively sharing results.

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