Declaring a Minor

Rules for Undergraduate Minors

Please note, KSU does not allow students to create their own Minors. Only Minors that have been officially set up by a College and approved by the University may be earned. To earn the Minor you must complete the specific requirements established by the College.

How to Declare a Minor

You should complete the Declaration of Intention to Complete a Coles Minor form and submit it to the Coles Undergraduate Business Advising Center (BB 431) as soon as you decide to do a Minor in a business area. This will get your Minor and the specific courses you plan to take for it into your Coles file, which will help with your advising. Submitting this form may also help to protect you in case of subsequent changes in Minor requirements.

General Rules about Minors Applicable to ALL Students

  • You must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses applied to the Minor.
  • You must earn at least nine (9) semester hours in the Minor in residence at KSU.
  • You must meet the current course prerequisites before taking a course that counts toward a Minor. Check the current KSU Undergraduate Catalog for the course prerequisites.
  • You cannot return to college after completing your baccalaureate degree to add a Minor.
  • You cannot double-count a course - using it both for a Minor and later for a second degree.
  • There is no guarantee that all the courses making up a Minor will be available each term.
  • Minors do not appear on your diploma, only on your transcript.
  • You must include your intended Minor on your petition to graduate, which you submit to the KSU Registrar’s Office. The petition submission deadline is early in *the term before* the term you want to graduate – find the specific deadline date on the KSU Registrar’s website.

Additional Rules about Business Minors Applicable to BUSINESS Majors:

  • Business Majors are not required to do a Minor. If you choose to do a Minor, be aware that all of the hours to complete a Minor will not fit within your business program, so you will be taking additional hours beyond the 123 required to get your BBA degree.
  • You cannot Minor in the same area of business as your Major.
  • Marketing Majors cannot minor in Professional Sales and Professional Sales Majors cannot minor in Marketing.
  • Management Majors who wish to minor in Operations & Purchasing must get special permission in advance from the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Business Programs. Speak to a Professional Advisor located in the Business Undergraduate Advising Center (BB 431) if you are interested in this possibility.
  • International Business Majors who have a Catalog Term prior to Fall 2014 cannot minor in the same area as their Secondary Business Concentration.
  • You must complete the Coles College Sophomore GPA Requirement, in addition to any specific course prerequisites, before taking any upper-division courses for a Minor business area.
  • Your Coles Minor may not contain any courses counted as your Major Field Requirements or Major Field Electives.
  • Depending on your Major, you may be able to count some courses taken for your Coles Minor in the Business Electives section of your BBA requirements.

Minor Requirements

Choose your Minor from the page listing here for more specific information on requirements by minor.

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