Internships & Co-Ops

Your BBA from the Coles College of Business teaches you more than theory; it teaches you how to apply theory in real business situations. An internship or co-op gives you a practical way to do that and to begin to understand business from the inside out. An internship or co-op will strengthen your ability to communicate and to adapt. It will also help you to clarify your career direction. Coles College students have the opportunity to earn Business Elective credits, while gaining invaluable experience in their fields.

An internship or co-op provides practical work experience and will give you contacts in your career field. Those contacts may lead to job opportunities or simply expand your professional network. Many interns get full-time positions at their internship companies.

Your Professional Life Starts Here

As an intern or co-op student, you represent KSU and Coles College of Business. You will be expected to meet the standards of the University, the College, and your employer.

You will need prior approval to complete an internship or co-op for a relative, in a private home, or through working from home. Careers may begin or lead to such work settings, but learning to be a professional generally requires a professional setting.

Internship or Co-op?

  • In a co-op, you work two or more semesters with the same company.
  • A co-op MUST be paid, although payment may be made in the form of alternative compensation (commuting expenses, meals, events, and so on).
  • An internship is usually a single semester assignment.
  • An internship always relates closely to your major.
  • An internship is usually paid.
  • You receive academic credit for these experiential education endeavors, but the amount varies.
  • For either experience, you must meet our academic requirements and complete the online application.


Connect to Opportunities

Register on OwlLink, KSU’s central online clearinghouse for internships and other opportunities.

Focus on the Big Picture

Questions on a career or profession? Meet with Lori Trahan or Kathy Hallmark in Career Services.

Build Your Network

Business-oriented student groups are a great way to collaborate and build your strengths.


Our interns work at some of the top companies in Atlanta, including Coca-Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte, IBM, Turner Broadcasting, Porsche, SunTrust Banks, Voya, Northwestern Mutual, Lockheed Martin, Liberty Mutual, and many more.