Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor provides students an understanding of an entrepreneurial orientation in a variety of settings including new venture creation, social stewardship, family business, government operations, and corporate endeavors. The emphasis of this minor is on entrepreneurial application rooted in a foundation of successful organizational practices and theory.

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The Entrepreneurship Minor for business majors requires the following sequence of courses: ENTR 4001, ENTR 4002 & ENTR 4003
(which may be taken simultaneously), ENTR 4004, and one 3-hour credit course among the following courses listed below:

  • ACCT 4700 Valuation of Closely Held Businesses
  • ENTR 4400 Directed Study
  • ENTR 4490 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • FIN 4260 Short Term Financial Management
  • MGT 4122 Venture Analysis
  • MGT 4123 Family Business Management
  • MGT 4124 Franchise Management
  • MGT 4125 International Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 4130 Commercial Real Estate Ventures
  • MGT 4173 Human Resource Selection
  • MGT 4185 Technology Management
  • MGT 4200 Family Business Consulting
  • MGT 4700 Hospitality Management
  • MGT 4850 Managing Process Improvement
  • MKTG 3410 Professional Selling
  • MKTG 4520 Social Media Marketing
  • MKTG 4666 Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • MKTG 4850 Business to Business Marketing

Non-business majors will be required to complete the following courses:  MGT 3100, ENTR 4001, ENTR 4002 & ENTR 4003 (which can be taken simultaneously), and ENTR 4004.

  1. ENTR 4001 ENTREPRENEURIAL MIND - TO BE FIRST OFFERED FALL 2016 – Using an experiential, applied approach and global perspective, this course introduces students to the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial mindset consisting of creatively encouraging big dreams and then identifying and differentiating between ideas and opportunities. It introduces the four key elements of entrepreneurship:  mindset, resource acquisition, adaptive planning and creating value It serves as a framework and catalyst to stimulate entrepreneurial motivation and action to create new ventures. Prerequisites: Business majors – Sophomore GPA requirement, MGT 3100; Non-business majors – ENTR 4001 and permission of the Coles College of Business. Topics include: Key Partners, Activities & Resources.

  2. ENTR 4002 VALUE CREATION - TO BE FIRST OFFERED SPRING 2017 – This course targets the creation of value within the entrepreneurial venture by focusing on gaining market and competitive advantages. The course explores how ventures design products and services to convert potential ideas to value-added need-satisfying opportunities that meet organizational and customer expectations, and produce economic benefits. Students examine environmental factors that influence organization design and operation, potential end-user requirements, and demand through both domestic and international channels. Prerequisites:  Business-majors – Sophomore GPA requirement, ENTR 4001; Non-business majors – ENTR 4001 and permission of the Coles College of Business. Topics include:  Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, & Customer Segments.

  3. ENTR 4003 VENTURE FUNDING - TO BE FIRST OFFERED SPRING 2017 – Students identify and examine different types of financing, differentiate between venture capital and angel investor funding, and locate alternative financing (such as crowd-funding, peer-to-peer lending, microloans, and SBA loans). Additionally, students learn how to determine the value of a new venture. The course explores sourcing and acquiring financial resources that are required in a new venture start-up. Exit strategies including mergers, acquisitions, firm sales, and initial public offerings (IPOs) are examined. Prerequisites:  Business majors – Sophomore GPA requirement, ENTR 4001; Non-business majors – ENTR 4001 and permission of the Coles College of Business. Topics include:  Key Resources, Cost Structure & Revenue Streams.

  4. ENTR 4004 – VENTURE COMMERCIALIZATION - TO BE FIRST OFFERED SUMMER 2017 – This course integrates the aspects of developing the entrepreneurial mindset, creating market value, financing the venture, and commercializing the opportunity for a new for-profit, enterprise initiative (Intrapreneurship) or social business venture.  The students execute the action phase of the business plan, engage capital strategies, secure charter customers, interview community entrepreneurs, and formally pitch the new venture for critique by entrepreneurs or venture capitalists. Prerequisites: Business majors – Sophomore GPA requirement, ENTR 4002, ENTR 4003; Non-business majors – ENTR 4002, ENTR 4003 and permission of the Coles College of Business. Topics are from Business Model Canvas – 4004 integrates all topics.


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Leslie Brown"Completing the operations and purchasing concentration made sense for me because the classes teach real-world concepts used in my intended career field and more broadly in business operations all over the world. The classes provide a logical approach to critical thinking as it relates to quality improvement and supply chains. The courses have encouraged me to pursue a career in logistics and have presented me with opportunities to delineate myself in the workplace both through academic knowledge and internship and job prospects.”

Leslie Brown
Operations and Purchasing Minor