Economics is all about the study of how and why businesses decide what to produce, how to produce it, and how to share it. If you have a talent for analysis and a keen eye for observing trends and predicting outcomes, you should consider a Major or Minor in Economics in the Coles College of Business. 

In today’s economy of scarcer resources, predicting where resources are needed and allocating them appropriately is essential for success. It’s why economics graduates are one of the highest lifetime salary earners among non-medical/engineering undergraduate majors. 

As an economics graduate, you’ll be able to find work in fields such as management, marketing, financial research, economic planning, and human resources. You can even explore careers in trade, banking, and government. If you’re not ready to go right into the workforce, your degree will also prepare you to continue your education in graduate school.

Course Information

In addition to taking classes in economic theory, qualitative analysis, and analytics, you’ll also be able to take courses that merge economics with other areas of study, including politics, mathematics, finance, sociology, history, international business, management, and psychology. To read a full list of courses available to you, and their descriptions, browse the KSU Undergraduate Catalog.

Required Courses

You must meet the requirements in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog for your Catalog Term – your Catalog Term is located in your Owl Express Account. Seek help from an academic advisor if you need help determining your Catalog Term.

To earn your B.B.A. with an Economics Major, you must complete KSU General Education Requirements, as well as business and economics courses.

Please select the links below that cover your Catalog Term to view your Advising Checksheets.

General Education Requirements for All Business Students

Fall 2016 and Later (PDF)

Prior to Fall 2016 (PDF)

Major Courses for Economics

For Fall 2016 and Later (PDF)

For Fall 2015-Summer 2016 (PDF)

For Fall 2014–Summer 2015 (PDF)

For Fall 2012–Summer 2014 (PDF)

For Fall 2011–Summer 2012 (PDF)

For Fall 2008–Summer 2011 (PDF)

For Fall 2006–Summer 2008 (PDF)

If you entered Coles College before Fall 2006, or need more information about degree and graduation requirements, please contact the Business Undergraduate Advising Center in BB 431 at 470-578-6055 to meet with an academic advisor.

Two Year Tentative Course Schedule

Plan ahead!  View the Two Year Tentative Course Schedule for the Department of Economics, Finance, & Quantitative Analysis here.

Economics Minor

If you are interested in diversifying your degree by minoring in Economics, view requirements and course descriptions in the KSU Undergraduate Catalog here.

Read more about the requirements and rules for all Minors here.

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