Online BBA Degree Programs

The Coles College of Business offers the opportunity to conveniently earn your BBA degree online in three majors currently:

The requirements for the online degrees are the same as their traditional counterparts (e.g. prerequisites, required courses, number of hours, etc.) – the variation is in the delivery method.  This means there is no difference in the curriculum or admission requirements to obtain a BBA degree in these three majors via online delivery.

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You can also take online classes from the Coles College of Business without pursuing one of the degrees above.  If you meet the requirements of the course, you can sign up for available online courses to supplement your traditional schedule. 

Course Quality and Rigor

All online courses are developed by Coles College faculty with the assistance of instructional designers to ensure that the quality of both content and delivery are high. Additionally, every online course is evaluated against the Quality Matters rubric, a well-accepted tool for certifying quality in online courses. 

Talented Faculty 

Coles online courses are also taught by the same pool of high quality faculty to which you would have access if you were taking classes on campus. It is our goal to offer the same high caliber business education to our students regardless of delivery method.


Is Online Right for Me?

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Online Degree Cost

Online courses at KSU have their own tuition and fee structure. Learn more today.

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