EMBA For Families In Business

Future generations of your family business will benefit from your knowledge, insight and wisdom.

The Challenges for Families in Business

If you are a member of a family business, you have grappled with the ambiguous, charged and often knotty issues involving your family and your business. You have experienced success and failure. And you have questions. The Coles College of Business Executive MBA for Families in Business has answers.

This internationally accredited program from the Cox Family Enterprise Center in the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University provides family business owners with the concepts, tools and research that are proven to make a difference in developing families and their businesses. Designed for working professionals involved in family businesses, its purpose is to promote development of superior family business owners who can help their businesses – and the families behind them – survive and thrive for future generations.


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A Once in a Lifetime Experience

“In this EMBA I learned most for my personal and business life of all the studies and degrees I have done. The way the teachers explain the material and trigger the way of entrepreneurial thinking is a once in a lifetime experience. The aspects of finance and leadership helped me to implement a board, family share meetings and formulate explicit return goals. The relationships in the family have dramatically changed and we could implement a succession plan. Without the independent projects, in which try to force next steps for the institution, the business and the product or service, we would never started a needed discussion about the family business.”

-End of Class Feedback Survey Response