DBA Decision Process

Assess Your Career Goals

Pursuing a doctorate in business, such as that offered by Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, should be a decision made only after careful consideration regardless of goals related to specific programs. We strongly encourage you to reflect on your career goals to determine if a doctoral degree is the best method of achieving those goals. A majority of our successful students were motivated to pursue a terminal degree in part because they were considering new career opportunities in academe or industry, which required doctoral level research skills. For those students, pursuing a DBA from KSU allowed them to focus their intellectual curiosity on critical problems relevant to modern organizations, thus enabling them to develop new skills at conducting rigorous research. Those research skills allow them to pursue new career opportunities.

Doctoral degrees in business, however, come in three variations. Choosing the right type of doctoral program depends on matching your experience and goals with the appropriate doctoral degree. Read more about selecting your best doctoral degree program.

Successful KSU DBA Student Goals

 Focus Intellectual Curiosity, Develop New Skills, Conduct Relevant Research, Pursue New Career Opportunities


Successful KSU DBA Student Goals

  • Focus Intellectual Curiosity
  • Develop New Skills
  • Conduct Relevant Research
  • Pursue New Career Opportunities

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KSU DBA Advantage and Criteria for Success

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