Global Initiatives

Coles is engaged in a wide range of initiatives to improve lives through business education in the academic, business and social communities around the world.

Programs & Partnerships

At Coles, we reach beyond Georgia and across the globe to create partnerships and programs that strengthen our international impact. Through consulting, faculty exchanges and conferences we collaborate with top global business thinkers. Learn more about our programs and partnerships.


Education Abroad Opportunities

There’s no better way to learn about a different culture than to live it. At Coles we provide many opportunities for our students to travel abroad and study alongside their global counterparts. These exchanges provide rich cultural experiences, build language skills and prepare students for today’s global business environment. Learn more about our study abroad opportunities.


Coles Conexus Challenge: A Global Teaming Business Simulation Competition

As the global marketplace becomes more connected by technology, the manager of tomorrow will work on multicultural teams and make business decisions in an international and online environment. The Conexus Challenge teams students from schools across the globe to communicate and solve business problems. Learn more about the 2015 Conexus Challenge.


Global Affairs Report

Read more about KSU around the globe.

Connect with Us

For more information, contact Sheb True.