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News - June 28, 2012

The Future of Music Business

The Peach Review

The subject of music business brings us to these young ladies pictured left. Angie Caquias and Lauren Brumley attend Kennesaw State University and are both enrolled in the university’s Music & Entertainment Business program.

Kennesaw State University sits 25 miles north of Metro Atlanta and is home to more than 24,000 students (undergraduate & graduate) representing 141 different countries.

Angie originally heard about the program through her affiliation with the group “Future Music Attorneys” which is overseen by Anita Kaigler (music lawyer) while Lauren heard about the program through Dan Pat (who’s the president of Kennesaw State) and received further support to start the program from friends who were taking part and loved it.

The program is named after Joel Katz, who’s a very popular and successful entertainment lawyer in Atlanta. His first client was James Brown and he’s known all over the world for his work in music business. His clientele ranges from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Cheryl Crow, and Kenny Chesny to Time Warner Telecom, The Coca-Cola Company, and Sony.

A fun component of the program comes with the guest speakers. Every class they have a guest speaker that comes and interacts with the students and allows them to ask questions and learn the ins and outs of the industry before they break through. The other fun fact is that the speakers don’t just come and go, they stay and give the students the opportunity to network and ask further questions and learn about the industry they’ll be a part of.

Every semester you’re required to do a different internship, to explore all the parts of the music and entertainment industry. I agree with the girls that this is a great requirement so the students can explore all aspects of entertainment and get a feel of where they can see themselves in the future.

They’re advice to people interested in music/entertainment? Network and intern! Networking is key nowadays and it’s good to keep healthy relationships in business. We couldn’t thank the girls enough for making time for us and are looking forward to their growth & success!

Student Profiles

Angela Caquias   Lauren Brumley

Angela Caquias

Born: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Currently: Sandy Springs

Major: Communications-concentration in Public Relations; Certificate in Music & Entertainment

Internships: Treesound Studios

“I chose Kennesaw State because of the Music & Entertainment Program. I was going in between Georgia State and Kennesaw, but I was told about the Joel Katz program (who the music & entertainment program is named after) and noticed it was only offered at Kennesaw. So the program is what stood out in my decision.”

Career Plans: Attend law school, own my own law firm, and own a small recording studio.

Website: Y0 Angie!


Lauren Brumley

Born: Baton Rouge, LA

Currently: Roswell

Major: Communications-emphasis in Media Studies; Certificate in Music & Entertainment

Internships: Southern Ground (Record Label)

“I chose Kennesaw because of the Music & Entertainment Program. It’s a growing school that’s become really expansive and they’re starting new programs every year. I like their vision and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Career Plans: Find a job in the music industry and eventually start my own venue and get involved with tour management.

Website: Music Reviews


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