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Dual Degree Programs
MBA Program

MBA-MPA Program

A partnership between the Coles College of Business and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers qualified students the opportunity to concurrently pursue a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration. The programs are completed in 51 credit hours rather than the 72 hours that would be necessary if the degrees were pursued separately.

This MBA-MPA dual degree program prepares graduates for careers at the increasingly intense intersections of these two sectors. At the same time governmental agencies are striving to be more customer-friendly, service-minded, and organizationally efficient, many industries (including finance and banking, health care, and natural resource utilization) are more reliant on and responsive to governmental agencies than ever before. These trends make knowledge of both business and government crucial for success in many public and private organizations.

Curriculum and Degree Program Requirements

The program consists of a minimum of 51 hours of graduate study of which 27 hours are in areas of Business Administration and 24 hours are in the areas of Masters of Public Administration. Additional credit hours may be taken depending on each student’s academic background or areas of concentration in the MBA-MPA Program.

Students are required to take the core courses from both the MBA and the MPA programs. Additionally, students must take at least two additional electives in the MBA curriculum (one of which must be focused on international issues) and at least one additional elective in the MPA curriculum. Students may also take additional classes to earn a MPA concentration in Governmental Administration, Nonprofit Administration, or Information Systems Administration.

Application Process
The admissions standards and application process for the MBA-MPA dual degree program are equivalent to those for the stand-alone programs. Follow the same procedures for applying to either the MBA or MPA program, noting in the application that you are interested in the dual degree program.

Contact Information

Tanya Mosley
MBA Assistant Director
Phone: 470.578.4471





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