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Practical Teaming
Executive MBA Program


Practical Teaming

To thrive in business, it is essential to understand how to work and lead high performing teams. Within the Coles EMBA dynamic learning environment, teams have been created to promote collaboration, decision-making, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship.  

Domestic Teaming

Each learning team is more than a study group — it's a cross functional unit that challenges and supports you throughout the 19 months. Groups consisting of five to six students are assigned to collaborate on assignments. Every team was design to mix not only personalities; it mixes different experience and business skills. The team structure therefore encourages trial and error, risk-taking, and possibly creative friction among members as they learn to collaborate and lead within a group of peers. Being part of a team not only improves your effective communications skills, it empowers you to manage and motivate highly successful dynamic seasoned professionals.

Practical Teaming

With no formal leader, teams rely on individual team members to lead specific tasks and projects. As such, the learning team experience is similar to that of a team of senior executives who work with a great deal of autonomy under a CEO's leadership or as CEOs and other leaders would in strategic alliances.


It was all about the team –Six individuals, bringing distinctive strengths and knowledge to collectively achieve our team goals. Each with a desire for learning, but having to balance that with career goals and family obligations. I personally learned so much from my teammates. I know my experience at KSU has shaped me from a professional and personal perspective.

David White, Class of 2003, SunTrust Bank


Project Management

During a project assignment, each team member will be assigned a project role which he or she will be held responsible for. ie. Project leader, finance, administrative (documenting decisions/note taker), etc. During the 19 months, each team member will get multiple chances to perfect each role as well as learn how effective teams are independent on each other.


Global teams

In addition to your domestic learning team, you will participate in a global teaming experience for 8 months. You will spend 10 days in Bucharest meeting global teammates from top European companies face to face for the first time. After returning to the U.S., teams work virtually for several months on business projects. The grand finale occurs when the Romanian EMBA students reunite with their American teammates to present their final projects in Atlanta.

Unique to Coles Executive MBA teams are prepared to thrive at the onset of the program using academic foundations of teaming and leadership.



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