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Return on Investment
Executive MBA Program
Return on Investment


Return on your investment

Return on your investment is measured by more than promotions and raises - even though on average MBA graduates receive a 20% salary increase after graduation.  Your real return on investment begins well before graduation by implementing what you learned immediately at work and being noticed as a valuable contributing member of your organization. 

The following data* helps to describe the returns you can expect from a Coles Executive MBA:

  • 88% of students reported that their ability to be promoted greatly increased as a result of a Coles EMBA

  • 94% of students stated that the Coles EMBA increased their value to their organizations

  • Less than a 5 year payback on your tuition investment

  • Over 90% of students would recommend the Coles EMBA to a colleague or friend

  • Network with over 44,000 alumni and global connections

When comparing various programs, you will find that Coles EMBA offers the best value while giving you superior curriculum, faculty and professional development.

* Based on an independent Executive MBA Council exit survey of the Coles EMBA



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