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Professional Development
Executive MBA Program


Personal Development

Strong dynamic leaders not only know their strengths; they know their weaknesses and how to overcome them. At Coles Executive MBA, we believe this knowledge is an essential element to a leader's future success.

That's why Coles Executive MBA provides students with nine personal assessment tools to gain awareness of their strengths and vulnerabilities. A student's personal development is taken a step further by providing action plans and a program-long executive coach. With these tools, students learn to enhance their leadership styles and create professional and personal development plans.

The A-ha in the Coles Executive MBA program are the personal tools. I came to the program for the world-class MBA curriculum but I am experiencing so much more.

Cornelio DeLasAlas, Outside Plant Manager,
BellSouth Telecommunications, Class of 2006


Executive Coaching

Coles EMBA is one of two global programs that offers program-long executive coaching. Coles executive coaching pairs students with an executive volunteer of the student's choice. For the entire 19-month program, this coach provides strategic guidance on the student's professional development. This is not just a class on coaching – it is a dynamic, long-term, one-on-one relationship fostering personal and professional growth.

Within the last decade, Executive Coaching has emerged as a proven method for achieving personal and professional development.

Click here to read an article about the importance of executive coaching and its career impact.

Key Student Benefits:

  • Support from experienced executive that has "been there and done that"

  • Networking that leads to opportunity and self-discovery

  • Coaching on implementing a personal and professional development plan

Personal Assessment Tools

The best leaders don't just understand business, they understand themselves and how they interact with others. Through a series of personal inventories to include personality assessments, leadership practices, competing values skills survey, the Hermann Brain Dominance assessment and journaling, students discover their instinctive talents and how to use their abilities to become successful leaders, executives and team members.

At first I was skeptical of the personal inventories and journaling, but I soon came to realize that reflection allows me to think in new ways while advancing my personal and professional goals.

Ramesh Ramchandran, Senior Architect,
Cingular Wireless,
Class of 2006


Key Student Benefits:

  • Self awareness and growth leads to master management

  • Discover motivational leadership that gets people on the same page and moving in the same direction

  • Explore confident decision making and personal patterns of results through self-reflection and journaling

Personal and Professional Development Plans

Personal and professional development planning in the Coles EMBA program is a life changing experience. Coles asks each student to set at least one goal around a personal mission statement. This mission statement becomes the basis for your personal development plan. Throughout the 19 months, students are monitored to see if they are accomplishing their goals.

Key Student Benefits:

  • Know where you are going and how to get there

  • Growth in personal relationships

  • Understand your strengths and protect against your vulnerabilities

  • Remove roadblocks to professional development


As a student, you will have access to over 45,000 KSU alumni and global connections. Throughout the program, you will also have chance to network with faculty, business community guest speakers and more.



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