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Executive MBA Program


World-class integrated curriculum

At Coles, we provide valuable insight to our students by presenting a top-ranked MBA curriculum from a CEO's point of view.

The EMBA curriculum demonstrates the interdependency of business fundamentals and its impact within today's highly volatile business environment. This approach reveals the need for multi-dimensional business solutions. That's why the Coles College EMBA curriculum integrates functional business disciplines into every class and assignment.

Not only are students receiving a world class curriculum, they are learning how to formulate an informed multi-disciplined approach to business decision-making.

On Solving Real Business Problems & Custom Case Studies
The real life, integrated case studies are something you cannot get in a traditional MBA. Learning business insights and strategy from live businesses makes the Coles Executive MBA superior.

Ravi Devulapalli, Class of 2006, Manager, AT&T
(formerly BellSouth Customer Technologies)


Custom Case Studies

The Coles Faculty take real problems that a student is facing in their business and turn them into custom case studies. This unique opportunity provides real world learning. It enables students to take MBA concepts and apply them to solve problems immediately when they get back to work. This experiential learning component not only helps students apply concepts but it provides students with valuable insights from their classmates and the expertise of faculty – who are currently consulting in the business community.


Harvard Business School Case Method

Harvard Business School Case Studies are interspersed throughout the curriculum to give students examples of how MBA concepts have been applied.

Harvard Business School Case Methods are best described as experiential learning in which a case captures a business issue or opportunity distilled into text (a written case study) or a video. Cases most often describe a business issue or opportunity and ask students to create an Executive level analysis of the issue or opportunity and make a recommendation based on the information provided within the case.


Hands on learning

Professional tools cut across a broad management platform that includes marketing, operations, finance, strategy, accounting, human resources, portfolio management, economics, business law, information systems, decision science, project management, communications, new venture planning and global business.

* Conjoint analysis  * Gap analysis
* Statistical quality assurance techniques  * Regression analysis
* Financial modeling * Future projections
* Return on Investment Analysis      * Business plan frameworks and others
* S.W.O.T analysis   * Capstone Online Business simulations


Modules and course titles


GBA 7211 Business Acumen Foundations

Key Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of business acumen

  • Foundations of managerial economics and its impact on business behaviors

  • Introduction to managerial accounting for executive decision-making

  • Financial analysis techniques

  • Applications of business forecasting and modeling

GBA 7212 Principles of Leadership

Key Topics include:

  • Foundations and application of the Authentic Leadership model

  • Building and managing functional teams

  • Principles for coaching individuals and teams

GBA 7221 Business Strategy & Analysis
for Exec Decision Making

Key Topics include:

  • Principles and Application of Strategic Management

  • Market Analysis and Execution

  • Technology Management

  • Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management for Executives

  • Operations Management

  • Activity Based Costing

GBA 7222 The Business of Teaming
& Coaching

Key Topics include:

  • High Impact Communications

  • Understanding Executive Coaching

  • Building your Coaching Relationship

  • Interpersonal Transactional Analysis

  • Situational Leadership

  • Understanding and applying assessments for Personal and Professional Development

GBA 7231 The Enterprise Value Chain

Key Topics include:

  • Understanding the Value Chain

  • Business Marketing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Commercial Law Overview

GBA 7232 Managing Human Capital

Key Topics include:

  • Understanding the role of the Human Resources function

  • Attracting, retaining, and developing human capital

  • Behavioral techniques applied to employee acquisition

  • Post-merger workforce integration

  • Overview of employment law

GBA 7233 Personal and Professional Development Planning

Key Topics include:

  • Using Reflection as Personal and Professional Development tool

  • Understanding your unique strengths, talents, and vulnerabilities

  • Personal and Professional Development Planning

GBA 7251 Application of Business Acumen and Leadership

Key Topics include:

  • Integration of business acumen theories into real applications

  • Developing and executing an executive-level business plan

  • Merger, acquisition, and divestiture strategies and tactics

  • Executive compensation practices overview

  • Applied leadership

  • Managing conflict

  • Developing executive presence

GBA 7253 Managing Your Career

Key Topics include:

  • Career Exploration: Assessing your personal skills, talents, and interests

  • Career Paths: Discovering “best fit” career opportunities

  • Creating a Personal Career Development Plan

  • Preparing a personal resume and interpreting the resumes of others

  • Personal marketing and networking

GBA 7241 Experiencing Business in
a Global Environment

Key Topics include:

  • Global economic strategies for executives

  • Understanding cultural, political, economic, and legal systems from a global perspective

  • International and multinational finance and marketing strategies

  • Virtual teaming and collaboration (with students from partner EMBA program in Bucharest, Romania)

  • International student visitations in the both the United States and Romania

GBA 7242 International Leadership
and Collaboration

Key Topics include:

  • Understanding multinational and regional workplace cultures

  • Virtual teaming and international communications and decision-making

  • Understanding the influence of national cultures on business ethics

  • International leadership models





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