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10 Facts About Family-owned 
Cox Family Enterprise Center

10 Facts About The Family Owned Businesses:

  • 80% of the world's businesses are family owned.

  • Family-run businesses account for more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product.

  • Nearly 35% of family-owned businesses are Fortune 500 and other large companies including Ford, Koch Industries, Cargill, Wal-Mart, Weyerhaeuser, Loews, and Ikea.

  • Approximately 60% of all public companies in the US are family controlled.

  • Family-owned businesses account for 60% of total US employment, 78% of all new jobs, and 65% of all wages paid.

  • Many family businesses were started after WWII.

  • More than 25% of family firms expect the next CEO to be a woman.

  • More than 30% of all family owned businesses survive into the second generation.

*Based on research we have conducted every year since 1985. See our RESEARCH page for more specifics.




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