Faculty Profile

Rajaram Veliyath

Dr. Rajaram Veliyath

Associate Dean of Research & Graduate Programs
Management & Entrepreneurship
  • PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • MBA - Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  • Other - Bachelor of Technology (Honors) - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Burruss Building 312

  • Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional
  • Certificate in Leadership
  • Basic Social/Behavioral Research Course (IRB Certification Ref # 2296517))
For Additional Research Please Visit: works.bepress.com/rajaram_veliyath/
Research Interest
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • International Business.
Teaching Areas
  • Corporate Governance and Board Practices
  • Internationalization of Emerging Market Firms
  • Family Business
  • Primary and Secondary Agency Theory
  • What Do Compensation Committees on the Boards of Public Companies Do? Comparisons of Indian and U.S. Process Differences Juxtaposing Complementary Theoretical Lenses
  • Family Firms and Internationalization-Governance Relationships: Evidence of Secondary Agency Issues
  • Network Characteristics and Firm Performance: An Examination of the Relationships in the Context of a Cluster
  • Developing Business Acumen in Chinese Business School Graduates
  • R&D Investments of Multinational Corporations: An Examination of Shifts in Patterns of Flows Across Countries and Potential Influences
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting - CSR in the Indian Context: Determinants and Outcomes
  • - Undertaking process research in Corporate Governance: The need for, challenges and insights from an Indian study
  • 3rd Biennial Conference of the Indian Academy of Management - Rethinking Management: A Comparative Examination of Trends in Corporate Governance Related Practices and Research in the Indian Context
  • Strategic Management Society Conference - Influence of National Culture on IPO activity
  • Global Strategies for an Emergent India - Conducting research and getting published: Contemplative reflections
Awards and Honors
  • Tenured Faculty Full Paid Leave Program
  • University Distinguished Scholarship Award (Finalist) - For Research and Scholarship activity. - August
  • CETL Travel Funding Award - For attending teaching related conferences in China. - August
  • Distinguished Graduate Scholarship Award- March
  • Faculty Research Grant - January