Faculty Profile

Michael Patrono

Professor Michael Patrono

Senior Lecturer
Economics, Finance & Quantitative Analysis
  • MS - Florida State University
  • Other - ABD - Florida State University
  • BS - Florida State University
Burruss Building 362

Research Interest
  • I am interested in teaching students to think through the implications of capitalist economies versus socialist economies
Teaching Areas
  • I am interested in researching why some economies flourish and others remain poor. This subject covers issues of ethics
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Chaebols and Korea’s Industrial Finance
  • The Rise of South Korea as a Newly Industrialized Society
  • Founders Week Event - The Big Thirst: Thinking About Water in an Age of Scarcity
  • GAEF 43nd Annual Conference - US Energy Revolution: Effects on Global Oil Prices
  • GAEF 42nd Annual Conference - The Fed’s Tapering and What It Means for the Emerging Markets
  • Global Challenges Panel Discussion - Global Challenges-Economics
  • GAEF 41th Annual Conference - Can the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Emerge in the Midst of the Arab Spring?
Awards and Honors
  • Professor of the Year