Faculty Profile

Mikhail Melnik

Associate Professor
Economics, Finance, & Quantitative Analysis
J-341 Marietta Campus

For Additional Research Please Visit: http://works.bepress.com/mikhail_melnik/
Research Interest
  • “Does a Seller’s eCommerce Reputation Really Matter? Evidence from eBay Auctions,” (with James Alm). Journal of Industrial Economics. Volume L, No. 3, pp. 337-350, September 2002
  • “Sales Taxes and the Decision to Purchase Online”, (with James Alm). Public Finance Review. Volume 33, No. 2, pp. 184-212, March 2005.
  • “Taxing the ‘Family’ in the Individual Income Tax,” (with James Alm). Public Finance and Management. Volume 5, No 1, pp. 67-109, March 2005.
  • “Reputation, Information Signals, and Willingness to Pay for Heterogeneous Goods in Online Auctions”, (with James Alm). Southern Economic Journal. Volume 72, No. 2. pp. 171-194, October 2005.
  • “Insertion Fees and their Role on eBay,” Economics of Networks Abstracts, published by SSRN and Networks, Electronic Commerce and Telecommunications Institute. Working Paper Series, Volume 4, No 52, August 22, 2007.
Awards and Honors
  • Awarded Faculty Research Fellowship by the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Naval Research, Naval Surface Warfare Research Center, Summer 2014