Videos of Previous Guest Lectures at Kennesaw State University focusing on Markets and Economic Opportunity:

Daniel Griswold (Mercatus Center), 1/30/18: "Why America Needs More Immigrants" and "Why Free Trade is in America's National Interest".

"Symposium on Voting and Election Reforms," 11/15/17:

Swaminathan Aiyar (CATO Institute), 10/30/17: "Economic Freedom in India" and "India: the Elephant that Became a Tiger".

George Crowley (Troy University), 10/19/17: "Voter Preferences, Institutions, and Economic Freedom" and "South Park and Public Choice Economics".

Florenz Plassmann (Binghamton University), 10/13/17: "What Is Economics?" and "Voting Methods and Voting Paradoxes".

Dr. Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute), 4/19/17: "Equal Is Unfair".

Dr. Leonid Kosals (National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow; University of Toronto), 3/30/17: "Contemporary Russian Capitalism".

Dr. Dean Stansel (Southern Methodist University), 2/9/17 and 2/10/17: "Economic Freedom: What It Is and Why It Matters" and "Why Some Cities are Growing While Others are Shrinking".

Dr. Peter J. Boettke (George Mason University), 11/29/16: "Economics and Its Public Policy Relevance" and "Soviet Economic History and New Economic Policy".

Dr. Kaitlyn Harger (Florida Gulf Coast University), 9/9/16: "Do Sports Facilities Attract New Business?" and "Obedience and Income Levels".

Dr. Jay P. Greene (University of Arkansas), 6/6/16: "The Foolishness of Trying to Regulate Our Way to School Improvement" and "Why We Need School Choice".

Dr. Steven G. Horwitz (St. Lawrence University), 1/13/16: "The Great Depression: Myths and Realities" and "Inequality, Mobility, and Poverty in America".

Dr. Derek Scissors (American Enterprise Institute), 10/29/15: "The Future Economic Prospects of India" and "Chinese Economic Reforms and Growth".

Dr. N. Gregory Mankiw (Harvard University), 3/27/15: "Income Inequality: Facts, Hypotheses, and Policy Prescriptions".

Mr. Fred McMahon (Fraser Institute), 3/5/15: "Institutions and Economic, Political, and Civil Liberty in the Arab World".

Dr. Burt Folsom (Hillsdale College), 3/4/15: "The Myth of the Robber Barons".

Dr. John Lott (Crime Prevention Research Center), 2/11/15: "Why Criminals and Terrorists like Gun Bans" and "An Introduction to Law and Economics".

Dr. Timur Kuran (Duke University), 11/18/14: "A History of Trade and Commerce in the Arab World".

Dr. Craig Richardson (Winston-Salem State University), 9/25/14: "Is China’s Growth Sustainable?" and "Africa Rising: What Can We Learn from the Continent’s Recent Successes (and Failures)?".

Dr. Benjamin Powell (Texas Tech University), 2/4/14: "Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the Global Economy".

Dr. Stephan F. Gohmann (University of Louisville), 1/28/14: "The Morality of Capitalism".

The Honorable Maurice McTigue (Mercatus Center, George Mason University), 11/12/13: "The New Zealand Economic Miracle".

Dr. Joshua C. Hall (West Virginia University), 11/7/13: "The Benefits of Economic Freedom"

Dr. Steven Radelet (Georgetown University), 2/21/13: "The Great Era of Development".