BCSMEO named in recognition of contribution from longtime KSU donors Tommy and Chantal Bagwell

The Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity has been named in recognition of a $2.25 million contribution from longtime KSU donors Tommy and Chantal Bagwell, with an additional $1 million from the Charles Koch Foundation.  Please see the following article for additional details: Michael J. Coles College of Business receives $3.25 million to launch new economic center.

BCSMEO Welcomes Visiting Scholar 

Dr. James Boudreau, an economist specializing in the fields of game theory, contests, and social choice, will be joining the Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity as a Visiting Scholar for the 2017-18 academic year. Dr. Boudreau earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Connecticut in 2009, where he studied two sided matching markets under the supervision of Dr. Vicki Knoblauch. After completing his graduate studies, Dr. Boudreau was hired as a faculty member by the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley where he was subsequently granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor. His academic research has been published in leading journals such as "Economics Letters," "Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization," "Journal of Public Economic Theory," and "Mathematical Social Sciences." While spending the year in residence at Kennesaw State University, Dr. Boudreau will teach classes for the Department of Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis and continue his research agenda on contests and social choice.

BCSMEO Faculty Present Research at World's Foremost Game Theory Conference

The Stony Brook Center for Game Theory held the 28th International Conference on Game Theory on the campus of Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY) from July 17 through July 21, 2017. During this week over 225 leading scholars (including three recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics) from over 30 countries from all corners of the globe discussed cutting-edge work in the field of game theory from both a pure and applied perspective. Three faculty from the BCSMEO presented their original academic research. BCSMEO Affiliated Faculty Dr. Aniruddha Bagchi gave a talk titled "A Model of a Multilateral Proxy War with Spillovers"; BCSMEO Visiting Scholar Dr. James Boudreau gave a talk titled "Collusion in Conflicts with Noise"; BCSMEO Director Dr. Timothy Mathews gave a talk titled "Simple Analytics of the Impact of Terror Generation on Attacker-Defender Interactions."