Shore EC Services

BBA in Entrepreneurship

Leading Georgia's first and only BBA in Entrepreneurship, KSU is the destination point for students serious about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship majors and minors are taken through a rigorous series of experiential courses from developing the entrepreneurial mindset to pitching in front of venture capitalists. All students are also required to complete the KSU Experience Portfolio, proving that they did not only major in entrepreneurship, but became an entrepreneur.

KSU Top 100

We created an experience that has ignited the entrepreneurial spirit across campus and launched new ventures. We work with 100 student businesses and eliminate 99 of them in a competition best described as "Shark Tank meets The Voice" where students were mentored by successful entrepreneurs who competed together to win $100,000.

EC Rapid Networking

Students are inundated by recruiters during their college experience, yet have little exposer to the CEOs who start, grow and lead these businesses. Conversations, connections and coaching with these business owners allow students to accelerate their exposure and experience in running and growing businesses. Rapid networking is a monthly event that brings together these best entrepreneurs and students where students ask tough questions and gain insight to propel their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The EC

Every Thursday students gather to discuss business ideas, work through problems and hold each other accountable to KPIs in the building of their different ventures.

International Entrepreneurship Institute

50 of the best kindergarten through post-secondary educators from around the world gather to learn, share and create best practices in entrepreneurship education. These educators earn our highest designation, Entrepreneurship Fellow, due to their development of transformative best practices and implementation plans for the upcoming school year. After an intense week, these outstanding educators scatter to transform student lives around the globe with the same entrepreneurial mindset that fuels the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center.

EC International Summit

The EC hosts students from international partner schools at a weeklong entrepreneurship summit.

EC Angels

This women entrepreneurs fellowship brings together the best women students at KSU who have entrepreneurial aspirations, from starting their own company to stepping into leadership roles in large corporations. These women are mentored by seasoned women business leaders in the southeast, challenged to discover their purpose, held accountable to consistently and intentionally get out of their comfort zone and much more.

EC Retreats

Every semester, students are given the opportunity to participate in a class retreat. This is a weekend long retreat that takes students through experiential activities from performing 'TedTalks' to writing reflections, providing students with clarity of purpose in their entrepreneurial journey.

EC Pitch Academy

Pitching to investors is incredibly difficult. Even to the most seasoned entrepreneurs, the art of communicating value to investors is challenging and intimidating. The best entrepreneurs have perfected the art of communicating their value to investors, customers and vendors to ensure money will follow their vision. At the Shore Entrepreneurship Center's Elevator Pitch Academy, you will practice and apply these best pitch tactics to clearly and effectively communicate your value.

EC Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

The Shore Entrepreneurship Center's Leadership Academy promotes the best practices of the most entrepreneurial and fastest growing companies. Transition your team from traditional leadership to an action-oriented, entrepreneurial approach that these CEOs use to increase revenue and profits, develop key people and outperform competition.

EC Roundtables

These roundtables are a select group of aggressive-growth CEOs who come together to get better results, share best practices and and apply a growth mindset.