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EC Strategic Partners

To effectively deploy skill set, it must first be framed by a powerful mindset. We can't lose our students in the process before they find themselves in their purpose. Unfortunately, the idea of beginning with mindset in a classroom is difficult for some to rally behind in the world of education, but there are a handful of educators around the world doing whatever it takes to infuse their classrooms with the entrepreneurial mindset as they witness lives changing and dreams becoming reality everyday.

We are assembling these educators around the world so they no longer have to fight this battle alone. What hangs in the balance if we don't?

That's exactly why we created EC Strategic Partners. We believe EVERY school should be infused with the entrepreneurial mindset so students find purpose and get better results in their educational journey and beyond. If student after student graduates with the entrepreneurial mindset, the tune of our world will shift from complaining to creating and from waiting to starting.

The Partners

Brookwood Elementary
Brookwood High
Crews Middle
The Children School
The Cottage School
Wilberforce University, Ohio

University of Sheffield CITY College, Thessaloniki

ASEBUSS, Bucharest

Sogn og Fjordane University College, Sogndal

UNITEC, Tegucigalpa

Partnership Requirements

Some sort of deep investment in students

Willingness to do something crazy

Truly make mindset first, skillset second

Educators dedicated to better, growth etc

Mostly experiences in the classroom and held accountable to action outside the classroom