KSU Top 100

The KSU Top 100 is an business accelerator for students and their transformation into entrepreneurs. The main components of the competition include: judged acceleration phases, mentors and a cash prize. This accelerator focuses on collaboration, celebration and results. The majority of the accelerator journey is marked by fostering community as the student entrepreneurs attempt to out compete their own potential, not one another, a quality key to significant entrepreneurship. This allows students to challenge and encourage one another as they pursue the hardest job in business, creating something from nothing. At the very end of the accelerator, those who generated the results necessary to remain compete in a pitch competition.

2018 Champion

Clint Crowe, Elite Event Rentals

2017 Champions

Sammy and Ben Amor, Cloud9

Bryan Keller, Keller Guitars 

Application Process 

Whether you just have an idea or have your business up-and-running, the application process begins by submitting this simple form here. You will be contacted by the first week of October if you made it into the competition or not. 

Judged Acceleration Phases

This is not a pitch competition; it's an accelerator. Judging should be focused on results, not the dog-and-pony-show. Granted this is part of the final score, but the majority of the score is weighted based on the completion of acceleration phases and what they have done to go beyond what's expected, proving their commitment and expertise in the process of entrepreneurship. For the first series of phases, judging is based on their process, results and growth as entrepreneurs. 


Strong, intentional mentorship is the magic behind this accelerator. The value of students having a seasoned, helpful entrepreneur by their side as they enter the unknown is everything. We are looking for mentors who care about student dreams, refuse to let them settle and desire to see students conquer the challenges of entrepreneurship.