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We believe…

action is better than no action
tomorrow is better than today
creating is better than complaining
taking ownership is better than blaming
engagement is better than entertainment
giving is better than getting
purpose is better than profit
design is better than default
believing is better than seeing
courage is better than comfort
failing is better than sailing
gratitude is better than criticism
outcomes are better than effort
something is better than nothing
permission is better than promotion


Students creating their major, combining their wildest dreams with solving real problems

Educators creating their classroom, combining their subject area with relevant and engaging experiences

Business owners creating significance, combining their passion for business with developing future entrepreneurs

A movement we create, combining students, educators and business owners


We are making education meaningful again as we focus on creating engaging, relevant and effective experiences in every classroom that cross subject boundaries, connect to community problems and transform the mindset of students from every background.

Join The Movement…

An Accelerator for Entrepreneurship Students and Professors

Transforming students into entrepreneurs requires professors to embrace a new way of teaching. It’s no longer about the newest textbook or the hottest business model framework. It’s about getting students thinking and acting like entrepreneurs.”

  • What’s the number one indicator of startup success?
  • How do you identify opportunities for innovation?
  • Why encourage entrepreneurship in a corporation?
  • How do you quickly turn good ideas into good businesses?
  • How do you get better and thereby get better results?


Opening Wine Reception:

May 1, 2018

Daily Training Agenda:

May 2-3, 2018

Block 1: Mindset
Block 2: Skillset
Block 3: Best Practices
Block 4: Lunch
Block 5: Coaching
Block 6: Implementation Plan

Capstone Training

Agenda: May 4, 2018

Block 1: Accelerator Workshop
Block 2: Pitch Competition

Extended Experience:

May 5, 2018

Women in Entrepreneurship:
A day-in-the-life of a local woman
entrepreneur, touring her winery
and leaning from her story.

Event Details

Where: Montepulciano, Italy
When: May 01 - 04, 2018
Cost: $500
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