About the Shore EC

About the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center

The entrepreneurial mindset establishes a case for change. It's a game-changer for our world and we believe it holds the power to shift education from fleeting memorization to lasting creation. Entrepreneurial minded people take action against all odds to make the world a little more beautiful. It is the entrepreneurial mindset that shifts a victim mentality to a victor mentality. It is the entrepreneurial mindset that replaces excuses with possibility. It is the entrepreneurial mindset that realizes better is a choice not happenstance.

EC business owners “choose better” everyday by developing themselves as entrepreneurial leaders and those who follow them.

EC educators “choose better” everyday by embracing an entrepreneurial approach as they teach and transform the way students think and act.

EC students “choose better” everyday by daring to embrace failure and venture outside their comfort zone as they solve problems, serve others and seize opportunities.