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Management & Entrepreneurship 
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We are known for our high quality, contemporary, and applied courses in entrepreneurship, human resource leadership, business process management, family owned business, and general management. We focus on small, medium, and large organizations providing services and products in our highly competitive global environment.

Management & Entrepreneurship Faculty



A Quick Guide for the Revised Curriculum for MANAGEMENT Majors

Our programs develop current and prospective leaders and general managers for success today and in the future. These programs provide relevant knowledge, skills, and approaches for students to understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate situations and opportunities to achieve success in today’s competitive environment. We are globally experiencing an accelerating pace of change in personal, professional, and organizational settings. Patterns of work, work relationships, and emerging forms of organizations, locally and internationally, are providing opportunities for leaders and managers to achieve short and long term objectives that will result in “great customer service.”

The practices of leadership and management are constantly evolving to meet the needs of people, organizations, and society. Management is designing, implementing, and monitoring processes and systems in work settings to meet both customer needs and wants and organizational objectives. Visionary and responsive leaders must demonstrate the ability to inspire people within locations and at distances to successfully explore possibilities, identify opportunities, solve problems, and engage in making sound decisions to achieve goals in our ever-evolving global marketplace.

We invite you to “come dream the possibilities” with our team.

BBA Program in Management


Tentative Two-Year Undergraduate Course Schedule

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