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Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis
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The largest department in the Coles College of Business prides itself on providing students and the community with a high rate of return on their investment.

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The department is home to faculty with research and teaching interests in economics, finance and quantitative analysis. It is a very balanced department with a group of faculty renowned for their research, teaching and practical knowledge.

Our faculty is internationally renowned in such fields as Auction Theory, China’s Economy, Corporate Governance, Experimental Economics, Health Care and Regulation.  As part of its emphasis on experiential education, the department has recently set up a student managed investment fund [KSU SMIF] and the Henssler Trading Room to train students on investing in securities. Students and Faculty have the opportunity to be certified in using Bloomberg Professional. The EFQA department also houses the Econometric Center that conducts studies of economic conditions including the oft-cited Purchasing Manager’s Index for Georgia.

At the Coles College we offer two programs for the BBA degree:
one in Economics and Quantitative Analysis and one in Finance.

BBA Program in Economics and Quantitative Analysis

Many of the most famous people in the world majored in economics. Economics gives the student the tool set and the methods of analysis to study many important topics such as economic growth and development, health care, the environment, energy, social security, and the tax system. In addition to being applied to the problems of society, economics is central to many business areas.

The foundation built in economics is the reason why undergraduates in economics earn the highest lifetime salary among non-medical/engineering undergraduate majors. It is also the reason why Economics ranks Number One among 14 majors with more than 2000 students taking the LSAT!! Economists work for governments, businesses and international organizations in very lucrative and critical positions. They use and develop statistics and forecasts and often take a quantitative approach.

BBA program in Finance

Both large and small businesses and governments must have leaders who make sound financial decisions. An undergraduate major in finance will provide students with the skills necessary to assist businesses, governments and households in their financial decisions. It offers a “mouth watering” blend of financial industry specific knowledge and skills, economic methods and quantitative skills.

Finance majors have consistently been among the highest paid in starting salary. In such cities as Atlanta and in the nation as a whole, finance majors can expect to find excellent employment opportunities. Only a finance major can set foot into many excellent career opportunities since the major provides a range of specific knowledge and skills that are necessary to perform effectively in the financial sector. Lucrative and exciting opportunities for finance majors are often found in large corporations, small businesses, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, real estate firms and many more. Finance majors typically work as Financial Analysts, Financial Planners and CFOs in such successful businesses as Henssler Financial Group, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and Waffle House.

In addition, we are also THE primary source of useful courses for majors in non-business disciplines and the graduate business program. If you want to develop strong fundamental, analytical and quantitative skills you need to check us out!

Tentative Two-Year Undergraduate Course Schedule


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