A Quality Research Doctorate

Preparing highly experienced professionals for academic positions at AACSB accredited business schools or advanced research careers in consulting, government or industry.

An Innovative, Accredited Program

The KSU Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at Coles College of Business is an innovative doctoral program designed to prepare highly experienced professionals for teaching and research positions at AACSB accredited business schools or for advanced research positions in consulting, government or industry. The KSU DBA program is an innovative program combining the rigor of a traditional doctoral program with intense classroom study allowing full immersion into state of the art academic research content and methods, along with a European style mentorship model supporting the student in conducting independent, original research.

If you are interested in developing scholarly research skills, broadening your analytical skills, and applying your years of experience to a transformed career in teaching and research, then the KSU DBA program may be your best preparation. To guide you as you make your decisions, we offer these steps

Discover more about the KSU DBA program’s mission, or assess the statistical profile of the KSU DBA program. Take some time to review our student profiles to gain a better understanding of the variety of students who have chosen a KSU DBA.

The Doctoral Shortage

Kathy Schwaig, PhD
Dean and Dinos Eminent Scholar Chair
Professor of Information Systems

Discussing the business education market of today and the doctoral shortage addressed by the DBA program.