KSU SMIF ~ Application

Will You Join With The Best?

To join the SMIF please fill out the application below. The SMIF accepts applicants at the beginning of each semester and does not discriminate based on major. The only requirement is a GPA of 3.0 or higher and an interest in Finance. 

Your Investment

  • Time

There have been many qualified students who desired to be a part of the fund, but found they could not balance it in their schedule. You should anticipate investing as much time in the SMIF as you would a 3 credit hour class. It is also expected that the student will spend a minimum of 2 semesters working in the fund.

Your Return

  • 3 FIN 4400 Credit Hours

A student who works for 2 semesters in the SMIF can apply for 3 credit hours through FIN 4400 Applied Quantitative Investment. The grade is determined by quality and diligence of work produced by the student.

Do you have any questions?
JustE-Mail us at smif.ksu@gmail.com