Student Managed Investment Fund

Student Management Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund LLC in the Coles College of Business at KSU was established in May 2006 to provide real-time, hands on experience in portfolio management and investing for its top business majors. Students are actively involved in the management of the fund on a day to day basis effectively applying classroom theory to a real world setting.   

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The realization of the Kennesaw State University SMIF has been made possible through a generous donation from G.W. Henssler & Associates, Ltd. (GWH) of $100,000.00 and operates as a limited liability corporation, solely owned by the Kennesaw State University, a non-profit organization.

G.W. Henssler & Associates, Ltd. (GWH) is a fee-only financial advisory and money management firm located in Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Founded in 1987 by Dr. Gene Henssler, the firm provides asset management, financial planning and consulting to individuals, corporations and institutions.

GWH bases financial decisions on economic truths and financial facts that are backed by historical data and academic studies. The financial planning approach is consistent and does not change with the whims of the markets. The asset allocation and investment selection processes are based on strict rules that remain consistent through all market conditions.

GWH employs a number of Associates who provide clients with cash flow projections, liquidity analyses, cash management and investment management. The company offers a unique, customized service for each client and strives to form long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. The firm also works with other financial professionals in the insurance, tax and estate planning fields to provide clients with access to experts in their specified fields.

If you also have ideas on how to expand the asset under management of the KSU SMIF please, contact us.


The fund is managed by the Student Executive Board (SEB) who oversees the activities of junior members of the fund. This includes the setting up of time tables, selecting stock, coordinating meetings and tracking the performance of the portfolio. The SEB’s is in constant consultation with faculty advisors who provide the fundamental direction of the fund. The KSU SMIF LLC is formally managed by the board of directors. Dr. Govind Hariharan, Mr. Jason Knope, and Dr. Stefano Mazzotta, (CEO) are the members of the board. The role of the board is to insure that the student’s recommendations are consistent with the mandate of the KSU SMIF LLC, and to execute students’ decisions. Nominated by the board of directors, the Investment Advisory Board [IAB] oversees the strategy and performance of the fund. The IAB comprises of students, faculty, and members of the business community. The IAB provided non binding advice on trading strategies.

Global Engagement

KSU SMIF provides students with the unique opportunity to further their global education at partner institutions abroad. Currently SMIF students enjoy a privileged track for selection to the KSU-Soka University Student Exchange Program. While abroad they continue in a SMIF managerial role. Jointly with local students, they also contribute to develop the function and structure of the SMIF at the host university and at home in an interdependent fashion via teleconference and other communication means. Financial support for exchange students is available. In addition to Soka University, the KSU SMIF has participated to the exchange with University of Laval, Quebec, Canada. Similar exchange agreements are under development with top Brazilian, Chinese and Indian Universities.

Investments Strategy

The SMIF’s main investment focus is Strategic Asset Allocation primarily geared toward domestic equities and benchmarked against the S&P 500. This is employed by researching industry sectors with the theoretical tools and fundamental concepts provided in the classroom, analytical research and those adopted from established fund members. Student members work in teams which are responsible for qualitative and quantitative research of industry sectors.


The SMIF provides students with hands-on asset management experience and the opportunity to interact with established members of the financial business community. In addition, students may receive academic credit for their work with the SMIF. Student members have also participated in other activities such as the RISE conference in Iowa and are eligible for upcoming functions that are designed to enhance the learning experience of the SMIF.


Like all financial instruments the value of the fund is subject to market fluctuations. The fund will mitigate risk through diversification and modern risk management techniques.

Research Center & Conference Room

KSU SMIF members make use of the Henssler Trading Room in BB 291.  This facility built in 2008 houses several workstations outfitted with computers loaded with analytical software and instant access to the World Wide Web.  The trading room is also fully equipped with a projector screen for presentations and houses flat-screen televisions that run breaking news on the financial world.  For meetings and private discussion groups, the facility also encompasses a conference room, also fully equipped.

This facility provides SMIF analysts with an area to conduct research and allows them the use of the analytical software and the Bloomberg Professional Service in order for them to conduct in-depth research.


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