Marketing & Professional Sales

Marketing & Professional Sales

Marketing and sales bridge the gap between an organization and its audience. Professionals in these fields must be creative, communicate well and build enduring relationships—and still generate ROI. We help students, professionals, and companies understand and strengthen their abilities.

Research-Driven Practice

Whether studying how companies innovate, how different generations behave in retail settings, or how to reduce salesperson burnout, our faculty help translate academic discoveries into actions organizations and individuals can take to reach their goals.

The term “marketing” in a broad sense includes any activity that encourages and facilitates exchanges of value, including many non-promotional activities such as research, physical distribution, and pricing, in both profit and nonprofit contexts. Marketing professionals may analyze data, create advertising, or develop leads; for many companies, marketing the key to their innovative edge.

Preparing Needed Sales Professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that Georgia will have over 14,000 sales job open each year for the foreseeable future. Educating both degree-seeking students and early to mid-career professionals, Coles College of Business prepares people to help their organizations advance.

One of the few four-year degrees in professional selling, the program at Coles College of Business provides many opportunities to practice sales skills in class, in the field, and through the National Collegiate Sales Competition, housed here at KSU. Coursework combines strategic and tactical communication, relationship building, and sales ethics, as well as a broad understanding of business. Students in other areas may also minor in or have an emphasis in sales.

For KSU students, researchers in the field, and working salespeople and sales managers, our Center for Professional Selling offers a place to test, practice, and perfect professional sales and sales management.


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Enhancing Professional Sales

The Center for Professional Selling (CPS) at the Coles College of Business at KSU enhances the practice and professionalism of selling and sales management by:

  • educating future sales professionals
  • forging university/business community partnerships to strengthen the skills of sales people and sales executives
  • researching selling and sales management topics

In our facilities, you find space and tools to improve your own practice, or the practice of those you manage. Among our faculty, you find expertise, experience, and critical observations of data-driven improvements.