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Coles College of Business faculty are leaders in the classroom and conduct high caliber research in every business field. We believe that translating valuable research findings into terms students and business professionals can immediately put into practice is vital to our mission, and to improving the business ecosystem in which we operate. Learn more about our quality research impact here.

Faculty Research

Making scholarly contributions to the business industry and academia is key to the Coles College of business mission. Our faculty dedicate their time and passion to quality research, and are published in top-tier journals across the country and around the world. Our impressive Centers of Excellence serve as research powerhouses for a wide variety of industries, including family business, women’s leadership and professional sales.

In the Classroom

With more than 160 faculty members, Coles College classes are always taught by a professor, rather than an assistant or GRA. This means that our students learn from the best in their fields, academics on the cutting-edge of industry advances and business professionals who have led some of Atlanta’s largest companies. Beyond impressive credentials, each of our faculty members are dedicated to helping students graduate ready for career success.

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Summer Research Fellowships

Coles College is dedicated to producing high quality research and supports its faculty in accomplishing this profound goal by providing research fellowships every summer. Fellowships are provided for three faculty categories (one each): new, junior and senior. The award winners each year will be selected by a Coles Research Committee following a rigorous evaluation process.

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Coles College is proud to provide databases and other resources to Coles faculty for research and teaching purposes.


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Jomon PaulOptimal Allocation of Resources in Airport Security: Profiling vs. Screening, Jomon Paul, associate professor of quantitative analysis.

A major area of research in recent times has been the design of smart policies to counter terrorism. While governments in developed countries have been by and large successful in thwarting terrorist attacks, it has come at an enormous cost. These resources could alternatively have been used for purposes, such education or building infrastructure. Therefore, it is imperative that the growth of expenditure on security be evaluated before it affects the long-term growth of the economy. This paper focuses on two important research issues: determination of the socially optimal level of security and optimal allocation of resources between profiling and screening, given a chosen level of security.