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We want to make sure women have every opportunity to improve their leadership skills and succeed at high levels in business. In addition to providing industry information and support, we also offer access to educational opportunities through the Coles College of Business Executive Education Programs.

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Our courses use the latest research to create an interactive curriculum proven to help you succeed in the workforce. Participants learn from businesswomen who have reached the C-Suite in nationally recognized companies as well as from Coles College faculty who develop the research.


Executive Leadership for Women

This skill-building executive education program is tailored to corporate women and women in higher education who want to advance their careers to the next level of leadership. You will learn from top women executives who have climbed the ranks and become experts at leveraging on-the-job experience with academic research. To sign up or learn more about how this program can help improve your leadership abilities, visit the Executive Education Programs website.

Women Returning to Business

The challenges faced by women in balancing their professional careers with family needs are well documented. One particular situation many professional women confront is the difficulty of resuming a career after an extended absence from the business community. Some leave their careers for family reasons and then wish to ease back into the workplace when they are able. The Women Returning to Business certificate program addresses re-entry hurdles that women who have taken time away from their careers face. Through a combination of classroom instruction and exposure to Atlanta-area companies, the program reintroduces professional women into the business community with a new sense of confidence and updated skills.