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Experience to Build a Career

Design something that makes a difference, move beyond classroom projects and gain real-world experience. At the MAD Lab we help undergraduate and graduate students get the hands-on experience they need to excel after graduation through internships, training and consulting.

Partnering with Business

Every business can benefit from app development and information system advances. At the MAD Center we partner with businesses to develop apps that meet their needs, improve efficiency and solve their biggest challenges. Through our partnerships we help businesses move forward and grow, while giving our students valuable working opportunities.

Teaching Future Innovators

The MAD Lab Center is a leader in introducing students from middle-school age and up to mobile application development. Our programs spark a passion for STEM subjects, helping our students gain an early footing with technology so they can compete in the global market. We believe a strong STEM foundation will power future innovation and drive our next generation of leaders.


Networking with Top Business Professionals

“I learned so much in the Lab. Not just programming, but how
to network with people, especially top business people,”

 - Keya Karimian, IS class of 2014


Information Systems Major

Learn more about the Coles Information Systems degree.

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From middle-school students to corporations, we offer many programs.