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International Entrepreneurship Institute

The International Entrepreneurship Institute gathers the best entrepreneurial minds at the local, national and global level to take action on bold solutions and new ideas in entrepreneurship. Best described as a think tank, we form circles of educators, business leaders and students around the world in order to create, vet and execute best practices in entrepreneurship. Every participant will offer a solution to ignite entrepreneurial change in their community and be held accountable to implement their plan within 30 days after being transformed by the Institute experience. The Kennesaw State University Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center is proud to host multiple institutes every year.

Upcoming Institutes:

Bucharest, Romania | October 20th, 2016

Katerini, Greece | March 2017

Apply: Email Regan Durkin, the EC Assistant Director, at rdurkin@kennesaw.edu for further application instructions.


“Best of the Best” in Entrepreneurship

The Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center manages the largest collection of best practices of CEOs of aggressive growth ventures in the Southeast. The result is a compelling resource for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs– bringing together the “best of the best” in entrepreneurship.

BBA in Entrepreneurship

Leading Georgia's first and only BBA in Entrepreneurship, KSU is the destination point for students serious about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship majors and minors are taken through a rigorous series of experiential courses from developing the entrepreneurial mindset to pitching in front of venture capitalists. All students are also required to complete the KSU Experience Portfolio, proving that they did not only major in entrepreneurship, but became an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship Fellows

Entrepreneurship Fellows are our “best of the best” in student entrepreneurs who have clearly risen above their peers. This group has demonstrated their persistence and ability to overcome the overwhelming challenges of being an entrepreneur. They voluntarily submit to our coursework, retreats, internships, externships, CEO mentoring, etc. and survive a rigorous vetting process by our community. Being chosen as an “Entrepreneurship Fellow” is the highest honor our students can receive and only those who have proven themselves worthy of the standards of the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center earn this distinction.