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KSU Top 100

Ever dreamed of starting your own company or stayed up all night with an idea you just can’t shake? Have you ever felt a strong burning desire to create and innovate, but have no clue where to start?

For students serious about launching a company, there is no better place to start than the KSU Top 100.

Kennesaw State University students from any major, school and level can enter in addition to international students from our partner universities, ASEBUSS (Romania) and UNITEC (Honduras). The top 100 students will be selected to compete. If you’re chosen, you’ll be paired with a seasoned mentor for guidance and coaching throughout the competition.

You’ll battle through multiple rounds, for a slot in final three and the opportunity to pitch in front of a live audience of experienced entrepreneurs and investors.

KSU Top 100 2016 Finalists

Gavel brings winning bid in KSU Top 100

Garrett Jacobs, KSU Top 100 Winner
Finance, Management & Entrepreneurship, Coles College of Business
Auction Management Software / Gavel

Gavel sets out to create a cloud-based platform for businesses of any size, to manage the numerous data points an auctioneer must process throughout a chaotic sale. Creating a simplistic alternative to current competition while implementing modern technology, improved functionality, and safeguards to prevent employee errors, Gavel will save auctioneers the thousands of dollars they could lose if using inferior software.

~Mentored by Lee Heisman, Owner and Co-Founder of Savant CTS

Daniela Carvajalino
 Finance, Coles College of Business
Cookies and Cookies Laboratory 

Cookies and Cookies is a laboratory themed cookie shop that offers a delicious variety of cookies, cookie shakes, cookie pizzas and edible cookie dough.  Our signature process of preparing your custom creation allows customers to come up with their perfect formula. 

~Mentored by Jim McCarter, Entrepreneur

Paul Ngalle Mechanical Engineering, Southern Polytechnic School of Engineering Technology TreeCabin

With TreeCabin students can now stream any textbook for a low monthly price. The era of buying expensive textbooks is over.

~Mentored by Cody Murray, Owner of Rigmarole

Awards for Winner

The winner will have the opportunity to receive up to $100,000 in investment and business services, including a cash award of $5,000.


To qualify for KSU Top 100, you must be a current KSU student. All colleges and degrees are eligible to apply. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Please submit your application by filling out this form: KSU Top 100.

The deadline to submit an application is February 2, 2017. We will notify the applicants who make it into the final 100 within a week of the application closing.


Want to find out more or work on your business idea?
KSU Top 100 Workshops: Every Tuesday 12-1:30 in Kennesaw Hall 1106

Submission Closing: February 2, 2017

Need more information?

Email Regan Durkin, the EC Assistant Director at rdurkin@kennesaw.edu for questions concerning applications, deadlines, questions, etc.