About the Shore EC

About the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center

The entrepreneurial mindset establishes a case for change. It's a game-changer for our world and we believe it holds the power to shift education from fleeting memorization to lasting creation. Entrepreneurial minded people take action against all odds to make the world a little more beautiful.

EC business owners embrace a growth mindset and are dedicated to becoming better leaders.

EC educators take an entrepreneurial approach to teach and change student lives through the entrepreneurial mindset.

EC students live by the entrepreneurial mindset, always becoming better versions of themselves.

Rusty BarringerThis is a truly revolutionary course. Before Director Chris Hanks came to KSU, I had little to no direction for a career or future. It was simply chaotic with all the optional careers seeming to point to a monotonous job. Now that I've learned of all the possibilities that come with entrepreneurship, I finally have direction towards something that will actually make me excited to get up in the morning!"

- Rusty Barringer, Shore Entrepreneurship Center Chief Ambassador